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N1-Web Commercial Appraisal Software Automation ReportGet, share, & exchange Comps.

Automated Reports Online with customization, free support, innovative map tools, and comparable manager search.

Commercial Appraisal Software for faster workflow with MS Word, Excel, and N1-Web Integration and powerful Autotext.

Classic Products

N1 Logo from Jason edited for widgetAutomated appraisal reports with secure database.

Commercial Appraisal Software compliant with USPAP and CUSPAP standards.

Tools for your commercial, industrial, retail, office, multifamily or mixed-use appraisal reports. Find out more!


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Major Announcement:
ExactBid Buys Narrative1, Provides Most Comprehensive Appraisal Solution for Commercial Lending Industry

Commercial Real Estate Appraisal Software

Write Commercial Real Estate Appraisal Reports using Microsoft Word and Excel.

Narrative1 includes professional narrative appraisal templates, valuation spreadsheets,

Also, comps database, mapping with Google Earth and numerous ancillary tools.

Commercial Appraisal Reports

Narrative Appraisal Report Templates for retail, office, multifamily and mixed-use properties.

All is designed to meet the latest USPAP requirements.

Use the system immediately, or customize it without advanced computer skills.