Commercial Express Appraisal Software for Multifamily, commercial and USPAP compliant Narrative1

Commercial Express (CX) is a modular commercial / multifamily form for a USPAP compliant evaluation to a three-approach summary appraisal.

  • Scalable: Add and remove modules as needed
  • Flexible: Commercial / Multifamily / Mixed-use
  • Automated: Integrated comps database & mapping

CX is an innovative short format commercial appraisal software. It allows faster data input, analysis, and report generation.

It includes tools to produce reports for every need because it’s flexible, easy to use, comprehensive and effective!

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Commercial Express is highly capable with form and narrative reporting options. When producing appraisals in form mode, the following use cases are covered for stabilized commercial, retail, office, industrial, multifamily and mixed-use (any combination) properties.

  • USPAP compliant evaluations
  • “One Best Approach” Summary Reports
  • Full three approach Summary Reports
  • Phased assignments requiring a preliminary value estimate, terrific for tax abatement analysis work.

When producing appraisals in narrative mode,you can add additional data to address non-stabilized properties and other situations where additional detail is required.

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